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Obama Beans is a one-hundred year-old website dedicated to printing the truth, even when it has no factual basis.

Our award-winning editorial staff has won 4 Nobel Prizes, 6 Pulitzers, 3 Oscars, 21 NASCAR cups, 2 World Series Rings and one Ulysses S. Grant Middle School Special Prize for being even more special than all the other special kids.

If it’s not obvious to you, this site is satirical. If we report anything that’s actually true, it’s by accident. For anyone insisting that one of our reports is “God for sure, True!”, please contact us at editors@obamabeans.com. We will be glad to send you a list of mental health professionals in your area, many of which our staff can personally vouch for.

Also, we accept all donations: cash, canned goods, Ferraris, used furniture, etc. We especially like cash. And the Ferraris, too.

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  1. Dan New

    This site is great!

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