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Senatorial Candidate Akins Clarifies “Rape” Comment

Former Missouri Senatorial candidate Todd Akin gave a lengthy interview last week to one of our illustrious Obamabeans reporters (Editor’s Note: We do not list our reporters’ names/bylines on any of our stories.  We feel this causes them to think they’re important, become petulant, and eventually lose all objectivity; reference the New York Times.  Plus they always seem to want to be paid more, and even paid on time.)  Mr. Akins talked about his Senate run, the hurdles he faced, and some of the lessons he learned.  Shockingly, Mr. Akin claims he never intended to say that rape victims rarely get pregnant.  Mr. Akins says that what he intended to say was that “grape” victims rarely get pregnant.  Our reporter, confused by this statement, attempted to ask Mr. Akin what “grape” victims were, but was denied a reply.

 Immediately following the interview , the National Organization of Women began an e-mail campaign to make “grape” a sex crime, punishable by 10 years in prison.

Key questions to be answered: What about raisins?  How will the wine industry react?  These important issues will be discussed in future Obamabeans articles.

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