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Vice President Explains $585,000 Hotel Bill

Vice President Joe Biden explained to reporters today that the $585,000 hotel bill for his one night stay in Paris is misleading.  “I think there’s a big misunderstanding going on here” said the Vice President. “The $585,000 is actually in French dollars, which are worth only like ten percent of an American dollar. So you see the real cost is a lot closer to $17,000.”

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Loud Wailing Noise Heard Near Washington


Various reports emerged today from Washington, D.C. concerning a loud wailing noise that could be heard even in the nearby countryside last Monday.  White House officials at first attributed the wailing to thousands of young children in the city who were being deprived of decent meals due to the “sequestration”. But when it was later determined that the wailing actually originated in the plush nearby suburbs, investigators discovered that the noise was coming from thousands of K Street lobbyists who were beginning to see the effects of the “sequestration”.

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Biden Stymied in Attempt to Work on Sequester

Vice President Joe Biden said today that he has been eager to work on the “Sequester”, but so far has been unable to persuade Ann Romney to loan him her horse, Rafalca.


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Sequester Cut Effects Already Visible- Situation Dire

The President has spent the last few weeks touring the country and warning the public about the drastic changes that the country will experience with the advent of the “Sequester”, a mandatory 8 to 9% cut if federal spending, which began last Friday.  The country is now experiencing some of these effects, and they aren’t pretty.  Today the White House announced:

  • Commercial air traffic will only occur on even days of the Month.
  • All states west of the Mississippi will be without power on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. All states east of the Mississippi wil be without power on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday.  Exception: Washington DC will keep sucking as much power as ever.
  • The defense department is currently negotiating a deal to lease our Pacific fleet to China for the next four years.
  • Starting next week, Air Force One will now sell one hour rides for $5,000 each.  (Rides will be free, however, to Presidential reelection campaign donors who gave over $500,000.)
  • Any prisoner currently incarcerated at a federal prison will be released,  so long as he or she writes “I will not do it again” fifty times on  the blackboard, in the language of his or her choosing.
  • Alaska is being sold back to the Russians. The Russians are currently demanding that Sarah Palin also be included in the deal.  The White House is in favor of agreeing to the Russian demand, but has not yet persuaded Palin to do her patriotic duty and acquiesce.
  • To reduce the size of the White House travel budget (estimated at over one billion dollars for the last four years), the President has stated that he will only take one daughter with him and Michelle on future vacations.  The two girls will rotate; the daughter remaining in Washington will then be babysat by the Secret Service.

Mayor Bloomberg also spoke on the hardships being imposed on New York City by the “Sequester”:

  • The City will reduce its active police force to 23 policemen, 17 of which will be serving in the Mayor’s personal detail.
  • Firefighters will be reduced to 32 active firefighters. Those firefighters will each be issued three cases of bottled water; this being necessary due to the lack of fuel for water trucks.
  • Likewise, the four remaining city EMTs will be issued portable first aid kits, since no money is available for  ambulances either.
  • The Mayor did say that by moving funds from the budgets of less critical organizations, he was certain the all 234 “Big Gulp” inspectors will remain on the job.

 Update:  The California state legislature, concerned about the harm the “Sequester” might cause to the state, today passed a 20% pay increase for all government workers.

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